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Georgian National Kitchen 

The fifififiFirst thing you will remember about Georgia is the picturesque nature and cuisine. And then - hospitality, which is again related to delicious Georgian dishes. The cuisine here is diverse and influenced by European, Mediterranean and Central Asian styles depending on the location. Nevertheless, Georgian cuisine is still unique, it reflects the past of Georgia as the central part of the “Silk Road” and has become an integral part of culture.   

Traditional dishes differ from eastern to western regions and have their own way of cooking. You will find plenty of bitter and less bitter, sour, salty or sweet dishes. The main characteristic of Georgian gastronomy is the variety of meat. Here you will learn about dishes made with poultry, beef, pork and lamb. The hot and garlic sauces, the many uses of corn flour and the variety of spices are worth noting. It should be noted that traditional Georgian food is quite 'heavy', which is not surprising, as it contains a large amount of meat, various cheeses and baked goods. However, on the other hand, it is characterized by a wide selection of vegetable salads. It is also vegetarian-friendly, and a person of any preference will definitely find a dish to his taste in Georgian cuisine.
Our menu presents must-try dishes in Georgia:

Every dish listed down is prepared in our kitchen, which you can taste in our cafe. You will fififififififififififiFind out the prices on the spot, visit us, order and taste fresh dishes prepared with local ingredients.

Or you can order them remotely, please contact us on:

 +995 599 881 783; +995 593 981 557 

 +995 577 963 990


dish of Georgian cuisine. Georgian national baked goods, originally from West Georgia. There
are different types of khachapuri, including: Imeretian, Adjarian, Megrelian, Gurian, Svan, Rachulian,
Khevsurian. Imeruli khachapuri is especially famous. A variety of Khachapuri is Tushuri "Kotori".


Georgian dish made from dough and bean mass with spices.


is one of the national Georgian dishes. originated in the mountainous region of
Georgia. Traditionally, khinkali is wrapped in wrinkled dough and filled with beef or pork with
spices. The rolled dough, uniform, is tied with the upper part, which we call the stomach. The twisted khinkali is cooked and its content, juice acquires a special taste and aroma. Khinkali is made with lamb
meat only in the mountainous regions of Georgia. If you want vegetarian khinkali, you can fill the dough
with mushrooms, cheese or potatoes.  Khinkali is traditionally eaten by hand


Pkhali - a traditional Georgian dish. Its most common variant is made from spinach and beets. Pkhali
is on the list of must-try dishes for vegetarians. Pkhali is a cold appetizer consisting of chopped
vegetables mixed with walnuts, greens, onions and garlic.


another Georgian cold dish, walnut sauce, in which you can put turkey, chicken or fish. Cold food is
traditionally served at the New Year table.

Eggplant Rolls with Walnut

cold appetizer. It is a vegetarian dish and is often served with a side dish.
Eggplant Wraps with walnut are made from roasted eggplant and mixed walnuts rolled together.


an appetizing Georgian dish. It is traditionally made from lamb or veal, tarragon, tkemali, dry
white wine, herbs and garlic.


often called Georgian "snicker";. Georgian sweets, pieces of walnuts or hazelnuts, soaked in
Tatara (a sweet porridge made from grape juice). The walnuts wrapped on a string are put in a Tatara, hung
on a rope to dry, and the churchkhela is ready. It is considered a delicious, must-try snack.

Sweet Kada

Georgian dessert, especially delicious with a cup of coffee, tea and warm milk. Crispy crust,
moderately sweet and very tasty filling will make you fall in love with this dessert.

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