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cool storage facility


Cheese proper storage is one of the key food safety requirements. It is important to keep your cheese in cool
storage. The cold helps the cheese age properly and safely, preserves its flavor and quality. For these purposes
Alaverdi Blue runs a multi-functional and teqnologicaly advanced infrastructure includes cool storage facility for
tushetian and other varieties of local cheese. The construction consists of 3 main rooms. Two are the actual cool
storage facilities (small and large) with the storage capacity of 10 tones. The third room is a demo facility, where
tourists are offered to attend and even participate in cheese production masterclasses.


Storing 1 per cheese:
October-March 10 GEL per month
April-June 25 GEL per month

For using this space Please contact us on:

+995 591 111 977

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